...And everyone that listened to any of my music has the same reaction, "no profanity in it, but it still has that gritty feel." I like that because that let's me know I'm accomplishing what I wanted in creating music with no profanity.”



Lendell Black, ubiquitously known as Heartless, is an American rapper and hip-hop artist. Hailing from Pittsburgh and brought up in the Homewood area, Heartless was drawn to music from a young age. And to this day, his passion and devotion towards music has only deepened. Heartless is popularly known for his profanity-free and upbeat music, and according to some is another Bone Crusher in the making. However, according to Black, ” I have my own style”‘, which is rightly so as his music is known to strike a chord, thus making it a fulfilling yet exciting experience for his audience.

What They're Saying....

“'Nothing Less' is nothing short of the gritty street-style that the artist cut his teeth on in the Pittsburgh music scene...by definition a “jam”"

- HYPE Magazine on the single "Nothing Less"


"Amidst the R&B –like piano chords, and soulful vocals of guest artist Tia Moore, Heartless lays out the story of his life in a classic club-style of rap."

- HYPE Magazine on the single "City Life"


"Heartless may be an up and coming artist, but that doesn’t stop him from creating rhythmically blinding Hip Hop Rap beats which carry a level of hype unparalleled by most Urban artists around."

- A&R Factory on the single "I Will"


"It’s difficult to capture the darker parts of reality without using profanity, but I think that’s exactly what Heartless has accomplished here..." 

- B-Side Guys on the single "Project Window"


"Hard hitting hip hop that dares to dream and leaves profanity to waste is everything but mainstream – but that doesn’t stop this single from being a masterpiece..."

- Stereo Stickman on the single "Project Window"


"One thing that set Heartless apart from other Hip- Hop artists is his fresh sound." 

- Electro Wow on the single "Spiritual Thoughts"



"Deceived" featured on CHILLFILTR Conscious Hip Hop Spotify Playlist: Click HERE to listen

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